Amnesty International Firefly Project, Theaters Against War, Art Is Permitted Everywhere, and FELT invite artists and activists to participate in a new kind of conference to discuss motives and methods for merging art and activism.

Conference participants will collectively produce a publication, Renovation, which will serve as a permanent document of the politically-engaged work that is being produced by innovative artists and activists in New York right now.

The conference and publication are about:
+ Utilizing pre-election momentum. How can activists build upon pre-election creative energy to forge stronger organizational bonds, ongoing collaboration, and re-affirm commitment?
+ Sharing skills and strategies. What worked_what sparked enthusiasm, raised funds, recruited voters, brought crucial issues to the table, spurred collaboration among activist groups? What fizzled?
+ Documenting everything for posterity. Conference participants will collectively produce Renovation, a handbook for artists and activists in New York City, which will include lessons and tips from workshop leaders, speakers, and performers, notes and commentary from conference participants, a directory of artist/activist organizations with contact information, and a resource guide. The handbook will be distributed free of charge to everyone who participates in the conference and to relevant organizations in the metropolitan area. The handbook and an organizational guide will also be presented online at a new interactive website constructed specifically for artist-activists in New York City.

Artists, panelists, facilitators, leaders
Art Is Permitted Everywhere
The Civilians
Apsara DiQuinzio & Christina Kukielski of the Whitney Museum
Chitra Ganesh
Mariam Ghani
Yury Gitman
Katie Halper
Jazz Against War
Naomi Klein
Peter Koechley (The Onion, Votergasm)
Peter Kuper
Bradley McCallum and Jacquelyn Tarry
Papertiger TV Prometheus Radio
David Rees
Soft Skull Press
Theaters Against War
Visual Resistance
...and many more!

Also featuring:
+ A two-day gallery exhibition juried by Aspara DiQuinzio and Christina Kukielski of the Whitney Museum of American Art
+ A two-day film and video festival screening work by local artists
+ A free post-conference resource guide featuring panel transcripts, artist and project bios, and activist resources

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